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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

2023-07-20 [updated 2023-07-22]

Following the dotter's direction, I have acquired an additional dehumidifier. Following my own direction, I chose the same manufacturer as the one I already own.

Now we need to look at the ducts.

See the white electrical cord leading up to a light? The outlet serves the washing machine and the lights. There's no other outlet on that entire wall, although there is an outlet adapter screwed into a light socket above the sink. The next step is to reorganize the lights and plug them into the socket adapter.

Depending on the length of the power cord, The Dehum may need an extension cord to reach the outlet.



The unit is set up in bucket mode. The relative humidity started around 68%, and before 24 hours were up, it was down to 55%. Before 30 hours were up, the bucket was full and the unit shut down. The unit did not signal with an audible alarm, so I found it while checking something else. The unit is quite heavy. The bucket of water was equally heavy. Next time, I'll use my syphon pump.

The heavy DH must be lifted out of the heavy bucket to get at the bucket, whether I lift it and dump it in the deep sink or hand pump it out. The alternative is to not use the bucket and hook up the drain hose. Of course, the hose must slope down from the unit to whatever drain it goes to. It goes to the deep sink, so the unit must sit above the level of the deep sink. To get to that height, the DH will have to sit atop the bucket but not in it.

This does not approach Rube Goldberg levels of complexity, but it doesn't exactly follow the owners' manual. Just this minute, the relative humidity in the laundry area is around 62% - the down time allowed the humidity to rise again. On the other hand, the DH in the Owner's Suite is running around 45%. Synergy.

There is a shelving unit on order, which will replace the table and the bucket. The unit will be high enough to drain into the sink, right. Target date, Wednesday. I expect to empty the bucket three more times.


So I emptied the bucket around 8 PM. Then I discovered the slot in the bucket that grants access to the hose connections. I promptly cut a washing machine hose in half so I'd still have a hose on the sink and used the other half as a drain hose. The bucket is still there, but the unit constantly drizzles into the sink.

Dehumidifier Set Up For Pump Operation

Running at 55% RH


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