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Teresa and Anny Arrived!

2022-06-09 After Noon

Top photo, upper left - Teresa and Anny. I assembled Teresa, the few needed steps. Then I prepared Anny with a gallon of distilled water, ran the siphon lines, gave her ten gentle squeezes, and Teresa began to fill. I only added enough water directly to Ms. T to cover the end of the siphon line. An hour or two later, the level was high enough to plug in Teresa. She's hosting six Romaine lettuce pods (and ten drops of green food coloring.)

Top photo, upper right. Teresa is a very bright girl. Light abatement is called for and will happen. Don't make me break out the Burka!

Top photo, lower left - "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." I love that line. Ranches Three and Five have Purple Chilis, and there are dozens of blossoms fruiting. Little purple balls that may turn red when ripe. So colorful!

Top photo, bottom right - the chili plant in Ranch Five. Plenty of peppers, considering that I've harvested a dozen already. Check this: the chili plants in Ranch Four and Ranch Five came from the same plant pod 3-pack. The chilis in Ranch Four start green and get enormous, turn red to ripen. The chilis in Ranch Five start yellow, stay relatively small, and turn red to ripen. Huh.

Bottom photo - most of the west wall, showing Aerovoirs, Harvest, iDOOs, my desk and computer and bookshelves. Teresa and Anny are in good company.

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