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The Sheba Affair in Nine Photos


In picture 1: Sheba has been placed on a Lazy Susan for ease of display and maintenance. In the foreground is an Ozark Trail 9-bulb LED flashlight with a rubber band added around its circumference. That object next to Sheba is a thermometer.

Moving up to Sheba's deck, we can see the fill port and some of the iDOO cactus pod covers, used to cover unused pod bays to minimize growth of algae. Also visible is one of the pieces of pipes & connectors used to support the tomato plant Sheba houses.

In this third photo, we have turned on the flashlight and moved the cactus wearing a ring out of the way. The flashlight fits in the pod bay hole. The rubber band keeps it from falling into Sheba's body. This is much better than shining the light into the fill port.

Now we remove the cactus on the near side of the fill port. Notice how snuggly the flashlight fits into the pod bay.

Notice also the ripe round tomatoes mugging for the camera. Harvest time approaches, but most of them are still green.

With the near cactus removed, we can easily peer into the belly of the beast, and what we see is a level platform glued to the side of Sheba's bucket, directly below the fill port. The gage is above the water level - Sheba needs a drink.

If Sheba needs water, Sheba gets water. I'm adding the water through the pod bay hole because it's convenient. If all the pod bays were in use, it would be less so, but then this whole method of checking Sheba's level would be less convenient as well.

Watering complete, the camera pulls back to get a better view of Sheba's Golden Harvest Tomato crop.

Rotating Sheba on her Lazy Susan lets us see the tomatoes on the other side, where the ripest ones live.

A final rotation. At last count, there were 26 tomatoes - I may have missed some, or counted some twice - and 4 of 26 were yellowing up nicely into full ripeness.

The Affair continues.

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