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This is NOT a Farm Report

But it could have been.

Something I didn’t read, but watched, were YouTube videos about AeroGarden Hydroponics. As a result, I grabbed my trusty machete (red handled KitchenAid scissors) and braved the wilds of my tomato garden. It’s shorter and less dense, now, which will permit the plants to devote some energy to flowering.

Then there was the lettuce crop. I gave it a buzz cut and threw everything in a bowl. I added garnishes and bacon and a little dressing I mixed up from a little olive oil and more red wine vinegar, with seasonings. It was a marvelous salad (although it’ll be at least three weeks before I can repeat it) even though I forgot the shredded cheddar.

Having harvested and eaten all my lettuce, I popped out the two non-producing lettuce pods and substituted two Romaine pods. I hope I’ll have six pods ready to harvest in three or four (or five) weeks. This time I won’t forget the shredded cheese. 🙂

There are many fellow Arghers on Argh Ink who were pleased by my enjoying the fruits of my labors - so to speak - and would love to hear me report that I was moving my gardens outdoors, with weather-appropriate precautions, of course.

The dotter is talking about home grown tomatoes, at the very least. The inside of her house is a herbivorium. It spreads outside when the weather allows. She has plenty of room to grow beans and corn and cucumbers and melons and ‘maters and ‘taters… anything she wants, and that’s without moving the trampoline.

I’ll stick to hydroponic micro-tomatoes. She wants beefsteaks. I could start them for her, but they’d never fit in my systems.

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