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Woman at Work III

Updated: May 20


I am taking advantage of the dotter's absense this weekend - she's visiting relatives in North Carolina - to take pictures of various of her works in progress. The order of my presentation is based on walking out of the basement and once around the house.

The house came with a cinderblock outbuilding. I think it was the pump house for an in-ground pool that no longer exists. Dotter is adding a trellis and cinderblock gardens. She plans to till up the scraggly grass and plant clover or wildflowers.

I don't know the name for this, except that it serves as an entrance to the yard. There will be vines and climbing plants and landscaping as funds become available.

The trellises are being constructed from recycled branches of "stuff" that was cut down. This is the landscaping around the sunroom.

The dotter insisted on a dog run and a bit of fencing around the "front" door, as well as more trellising.

Plants will be added here as well.

There's a sign the dotter plans to hang excusing Zoe, who barks at everyone she can see.

Dotter added the pavers to eliminate the muddy walk to the carport. That's my basement door below the kitchen door.

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