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Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022


So there I was, searching for a pepper on a pepper plant. I mean, that's where you'd expect to find them, right? This sucker was hiding under a leaf. So I looked at the label. "Chili Pepper." Not a Piri-Piri, not a Purple Chili, not a sweet red or yellow pepper, just a Chili.

The tomato plant is producing. There are at least 20 little green balls, not all visible from this angle

2022-04-19 12:30

Alas and alack - I tried to help the tomato plant by some belated pruning, but I managed to remove a stalk with babies.

The stalk with babies is now residing in the left-hand QYO system. With nutrients and extra water, it may grow roots and survive among the Rosie Finches. Since the tomato plant in the Smart Garden 3 was grown from seeds and I can't find the seed packages, I don't know what variety it is. Let's see what happens.

2022-04-21 06:10

I found the seed packets in a Click & Grow Fruit and Veggie Mix box. The box contains pods for Chili Peppers, Yellow Tomatoes, and Wild Strawberries. Chili Pepper I found. Wild Strawberry I found. The tomato must be a Yellow Tomato plant - there's one pod gone from the box. The seed packets are black cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes and I remember them being planted in the QYO unit, and being totally overshadowed by the Rosie Finches. They're dead and gone.

Speaking of the Rosie Finches, I still count only twelve tomatoes. None of the other flowers show any sign of taking the next stage. But there are lots and lots of the fuzzy growths that might turn into flowers or tomatoes. I am reminded that my middle name is not Patience.

Back to the unknown yellow tomatoes. They are quite the learning experience. If I had read and followed the pruning instructions earlier, there would have been a single stalk or stem instead of four growing from the pod. The plant would be shorter as well. The single stem would have spent more energy on producing tomatoes than growing branches. Learning.

2022-04-21 18:15

I took some pictures today.

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