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Car Ownership Problems 2023, Take 2



(seldom called "Pounce de Lion")

(or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof)

To quote a previous (March 9) post, "the biggest problem with Senor de Lion is that it affords (see what I did there?) no unreasonable problems about which to post. It's a nice car."

I spoke too soon.

As the weather warmed, the dotter discovered that the Air Conditioning did not condition air. There was a chip in the windshield. The windshield washers did not wash windshields. However, all these issues were covered under the warranty. All we (she) had to do was arrange for times to deliver Pounce into the dealer's hands. How difficult could that be?

It was the same as Home Moanership XI. Where the repair of the fridge required a service tech to come to us, the Explorer meant trips to the Dealer. Like the fridge, the correct technician would be unavailable or parts would be required that had to be ordered.

Like the fridge, eventually the tech and parts would all come together.

I should point out that the dotter deals with everything vehicle related, including operation of said motor vehicle. I no longer drive. We used her Routan as a trade-in because she wanted to replace it. We chose the vehicle of her choice as that replacement. I insisted that she co-sign and put her name on the title with mine. I make the payments and pay for the insurance. It is our (mostly her) car.

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