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Home Moanership XVI

Updated: Mar 5

January, 2024

This problem has stretched out over the month. We had drainage problems from the deep sink to the sump, so we called in a plumber. A semi-competent plumber who did run a snake through the piping. The drainage from the deep sink is important in that the washing machine drains to the deep sink.

The sump is outside, and fills when it rains. We've had some unusually heavy rains of late. Long story shorted out, the sump pump is dead.

I've considered several short-term fixes. One is that a have a small sump-pump - aquarium-sized - and enough tubing to pump the sump up the stairs. Beyond that I need to use my cell to take pictures of the dead pump. Ideally, I'll capture the nameplate data. Better would be to do that and locate one of those turkey pop-up resets to push to get the pump running.

Another fix would be to use a bulkhead fitting to tap the bottom of the deep sink to permit a garden hose to bypass the clogged drains and out the door to the sump. I also have the means to install fittings through the door.



I'm waiting for a return call from a Better Business Bureau A+ rated plumber. The rains caused the sump to overflow and back up into the house.



The dotter owns a submersible pump for the swimming pool she owned several year ago. Attaching a length of garden hose allowed me to use it to empty the sump... into the side yard. Not an ideal solution.

And then it overflowed again yesterday. I am a champion procrastinator, but this was too much even for me. I downloaded old statements from my credit cards and searched until I found the charge for the plumber who solved Home Moanership II fourteen months ago. The dotter was satisfied with their expertise and cost. They are scheduled to come tomorrow. I'll follow this up then.

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