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Making Plans For My Retirement Activities

2022-04-25 06:30

I whiled away a few hours thinking about my big retirement hobby and some of my little retirement hobbies. The big hobby is hydroponics. The small hobbies include reading and book stuff, cooking, and computer projects. Let me grab the html file (of course there's an html file!)

As should be obvious, it is still a Work In Progress. Being me, I looked around and found an analog meat thermometer. The good part? Analog thermometers are fairly cheap and don't need batteries. I had a non-contact infrared thermometer (for taking temperatures without sharing cooties - pandemic, you know) and I bought another, that one being general purpose and has a laser. Point and shoot. I also ordered digital thermometers, two models. When the digitals arrive, I will discuss the merits of each device on camera. My cell phone can do the job, but I also have a digital camera and tripod. Put together with Video Editor on the computer, I can create a video of each project. I have some small clips already, for example:

There's no doubt in my mind that I'll redo that clip, if for no other reason than to make it landscape instead of portrait. It's part of the "Bright Light Abatement" project. I'll also be linking YouTube videos so I don't have to reinvent any wheels.

Besides ordering thermal sensory equipment, I've stocked up on accessories, like caps and covers and seeded pods. All the units came with sponges and baskets suitable for adding your own seeds. The problem is knowing which seeds, once sprouted, must be transferred to a bigger, taller unit or to dirt. I don't do dirt farming. I've also ordered colored cellophane as part of light abatement. Let's see what happens.

One of the computer projects is to attempt to recover old hard drives. I've got a gadget for that, but I've only found one of the old hard drives, so far. Let's see what happens.

I have a small corner shelving unit. It shows up in some of my early posts. I bought two more - to combine into one tall unit. I want to document that, and blog when it's done, and what went on it.

I thought I'd do a little reviewing of the four different systems, except I'm trying to trade the two QYO units for another iDOO-12. I'll even let them have the plants that are in the QYOs. The QYO review will explain my reasoning.

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