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Monthly Weigh-In Day October



There is a gap in my records from 9/29 to 10/4. It should have been a simple matter of clicking on ENTER MY WEIGHT from the database's menu and typing in whatever the scales said. I don't remember why I didn't. A hundred years from now, who would care?

Everything I observed in the 8/1 post applies even more now. I have the tools and the knowledge to achieve the goal of 225 pounds a year from now. Obviously, I applied neither that month.

Worse, in October I recorded readings as high as 280. It is now 2 AM and I have recorded today as 275.4. The monthly weigh-in for November is just days away. I'd like to see more progress.

The weight file in the database also has columns for blood pressure, heart rate, and fasting glucose level. I've resumed monitoring those, especially the blood sugar because I'm afraid of raising my A1c.

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