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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

2022-06-29 00:30 (plus updates.)

Looking back, I own that I am amazed at how difficult it has been to even roughly synchronize the lights on the 12 gardens. All of them advertise that they use a 16 hour per day grow cycle. That's just the way the Smart Gardens are, no external controls to permit adjustment. All the others have the ability to select between veggies (16 hours) and flowers (12 hours).

Well, I changed the power supplies around so that a single flick of a switch would turn on all the iDOOs, another switch all the Harvests, and a third switch all the Smart Gardens. Then I turned the gardens off for the night and flicked all three switches at 6:00 the next morning. That worked as expected for the iDOOs and Smart Gardens. The Harvests needed a little more tuning.

The gardens are finally there. All twelve come on around 6:00 (6 AM.) The iDOOs all seem to go off at 15 hours, not 16. Everything else goes dark about the same time, shortly after 22:00 (10 PM.)

Phredd came on at 06:00.

Sheba and Ethel came on at 06:05.

The Ranches all came on at 06:07.

Teresa came on at 06:49.

Harvey, Harvey Too, and finally Seble came on at 06:52. The long delay after 06:00 was very annoying. More tuning may be called for.

I stuck a mirror tile on a box on top of my cabinets, angled so I could see around the corner to the Ranches. It's temporary, just until I put a more permanent convex mirror up there. Think of it as a blind spot mirror.

Teresa, Harvey, Harvey Too, and Seble went off at 21:52. More tuning is definitely called for. That was less than 16 hours. Thay came on later and went off earlier than the others.

Phredd went off at 22:02.

Sheba and Ethel went off at 22:05.

The Ranches all went off at 22:06.

It got dark in here!


Teresa went off at 21:49. Harvey, Harvey Too, and Seble went off at 21:52. Last night I was probably out of the room when Teresa blinked off. That's still less than 16 hours.

Phredd went off at 21:59. (Wall Clock)

Sheba and Ethel went off at 22:05. (Wall Clock)

The Ranches all went off at 22:06. (Wall Clock)

The differences could be whether I looked at the computer's clock or the wall clock. They're about three minutes apart.

If I'm awake at 06:00, I'll make a stab at adjusting things. But I'm not setting any alarms.


Teresa off 21:52. (Computer Clock) 21:49 (Wall Clock)

Harvey off 21:55. (Computer Clock) 21:52 (Wall Clock)

Harvey Too off 21:55. (Computer Clock) 21:52 (Wall Clock)

Seble off 21:55. (Computer Clock) 21:52 (Wall Clock)

Phredd off 21:55. (Computer Clock) 21:52 (Wall Clock)

Sheba off 22:08. (Computer Clock) 22:05 (Wall Clock)

Ethel off 22:08. (Computer Clock) 22:05 (Wall Clock)

Ranches off 22:09. (Computer Clock) 22:06 (Wall Clock)

I notice that Phredd is creeping to earlier and earlier times. Some difference in the chip, I suppose.

2022-07-02 05:15

Since I was up anyway, I reset the start times for all 12 units to a few minutes after 5 AM. We'll see what that does to time off.

2022-07-02 20:09

Teresa off 20:09. (Computer Clock) ~15 hours

Harvey off 20:09. (Computer Clock) ~15 hours

Harvey Too off 20:09. (Computer Clock) ~15 hours

Seble off 20:09. (Computer Clock) ~15 hours

Phredd off 21:07. (Computer Clock) ~16 hours

Sheba off 21:09. (Computer Clock) ~16 hours

Ethel off 21:09. (Computer Clock) ~16 hours

Ranches off 21:09. (Computer Clock) ~16 hours

2022-07-03 05:06

Gardens on, right on time. (Well, Phredd was first by three minutes.)

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