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The Moving Experience

Updated: Dec 27, 2022


Closing is still scheduled for the 29th. The loan team has provided me with a coordinator who will make arrangements for water, electricity, and so forth to be turned on and in my name.

Meanwhile, the Mancave formerly known as the dotter's garage is filling up with boxen and totes. I have been trying to Kondo as I packed. Marie Kondo, who famously said "If it does not give you joy, get rid of it." That's probably a paraphrase, but it applies.


  • I bought much macrame cord and rings and books to make a lampshade for Sheba, the bought an actual lampshade instead. All the green cord and ring are in the garbage.

  • I used to burn back-up copies of files and music to DVDs. I had a lot of blanks, plus a label maker. Now I use portable hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards (San Disk) and the cloud. All those blanks? Trash.

  • All my music CDs are backed up. Donation box to Goodwill.

  • Clothing. It's not enough to fit me - it has to be something I'll wear. Otherwise, Goodwill.

  • My alarm clock? I tell Alexa when to wake me. Goodwill.

Those are just examples. There's a lot more where they came from.

I'm not going to miss the mancave. It's winter. It's 18‎°F/-8‎°C outside and down to 68‎°F inside. There's a draft. Two drafts. Both my heaters are working on it. The gardens don't like it either, and the forecast is for sub-freezing with a side of subber-freezing. The basement Owner's Suite of the new house may be cold also, but I'll have more outlets to plug heaters into without popping breakers.

I'm publishing now, but I may have lots more whining to add.

2022-12-24 Christmas Eve Day

Now for some more whining. It's 8‎°F/-13‎°C outside and down to 59‎°F/15‎°C inside. I stopped one draft. Both my heaters are still working on it. This is that side of subber-freezing. I'd run out and buy more heaters, but the dotter has my car in North Carolina to visit my son for Christmas.

Sheba has died. I still have a halo lamp shining on the tomatoes, so they may yet ripen, but she just joined the Kondo category. I won't even try to troubleshoot whether it's the power supply or the control panel. I never really liked her, anyway. When Sheba goes, her lampshade goes with her.

Just how much heat were all those gardens contributing? I just turned the toaster oven to 'bake' and left the door open. I opened the door into the main house, trying to steal some warmth.

2022-12-25 Christmas Day - Happy Yule, Y'all

Still more whining. It's 36°F/3‎°C outside and up to 69‎°F/21‎°C inside. I stopped the draft, but it may be that the winds outside dying down had more to do with it. Both my heaters are still working on it. I remember a Winter in Key West, Florida, living in an unheated wood frame apartment. I was eight. Mama turned on the oven and lowered the door to heat the place. Picture if you will, me doing that with my Mainstay 4-slice toaster oven. I have not pictured it, I've done it. It helps, I think.

Sheba may have died, but the halo lamp has kept the tomatoes ripening. There were two red tomatoes - now I count four. I may have to harvest them all, and Phredd's, too, and fry them. Fried green tomatoes are a thing. I have a recipe.


Closer to closing. The Mancave is just warm enough at 71‎°F/22‎°C. I'm still not packed, but I'm closer. I wish I had the keys to the new home. I'd like to make some measurements and locate the washer hook-up.



We have achieved FIVE ripe red tomatoes and several golden yellow tomatoes. The harvesting will take place later today and the frying of the green tomatoes shortly afterwards.

For chips and grins, I had Alexa walk me through a recipe. Allowing for substituting Egg Beaters for eggs, Panko for cracker crumbs, Chili Oil for butter, and my frying pan for a cast iron skillet, it's pretty much identical to my recipe. There are tomatoes.

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